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Kyoto yamahon

2nd Floor, 95-3 Enokicho

Nakagyo-ku, KYOTO 604-0931 JAPAN


OPEN 11:00_18:30

​CLOSED thuresday





Kazushige Tsuchida: Lacquerware


Dec. 6 - Dec. 25, 2019
FRIDAY- WEDNESDAY 11:00 - 18:30


We are pleased to hold the exhibition of Kazushige Tsuchida, lacquer in Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture. While producing his original lacquer ware with striped pattern by pressing corduroy fabric, he also makes Wajima-ware with traditional techniques. His vessel, which is lacquered over and over again wishing people's mindful lives, is solid and extremely light. In this exhibition, we will exhibit useful items such as soup bowls, bowls with lids, funnels, trays and boxes. We hope you would enjoy seeing his works.


vol.108_Kazushige Tsuchida: Lacquerware

December 6- December 25


※ 上記日程は予定です。 予告なく変更する可能性もあります。

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