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Kyoto yamahon

2nd Floor, 95-3 Enokicho

Nakagyo-ku, KYOTO 604-0931 JAPAN


OPEN 11:00_18:30

​CLOSED thuresday





Noriyuki Furutani: Pottery


Jan. 31 - Feb. 19, 2020
FRIDAY- WEDNESDAY 11:00 - 18:30


We are pleased to hold the exhibition of the potter, Noriyuki Furutani who is based in Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture. Although it is hard to achieve Oil Spot Tenmoku, he has succeeded in firing it and other types of Tenmoku glazes in an electric kiln and Anagama kiln. The origin of the name “Tenmoku” is from a name of mountain which is located at the border of Northern Zhejiang and Anhui. It is known as the place which is famous for producing area of tea and Zen temple and it is said that the reason why it’s named is that Japanese priests brought back cups from the place. At the exhibition, the focus will be on his Tenmoku tea bowls, vases, and sake cups, yet he is also well known for his hand-thrown works, and some sake bottles and cups will be displayed as well. There will also be other works which could be used daily.


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