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2018 Exhibition

Momoo Omuro: Pâte de verre

Dec. 7 - Dec. 26, 2018

Mom Omuro is a pâte de verre artist. Her works are all made with the same as an ancient glass process; even it is a big piece or a small cup. The work impression changes a lot from the morning natural light to the lighting time in the evening.
Shuzo Shingu: Woodworking

Nov. 16 - Dec. 5, 2018

Shuzo Shingu makes woodworks in Kyoto. He uses chisels and planes to hollow out wood. This technique is called “kurimono”. Through his works, we can feel his sentiment for the wood.
Naoto Yano: Pottery

Oct. 26 - Nov. 14, 2018

Naoto Yano makes pottery in Karatsu. He was fascinated by old karatsu and korean pieces exploring the ceramics style of karatsu. Currently, he collects sandstone from karatsu and makes his own clays, glazes and fires pieces in the firewood kiln. Through this process he makes his own karatsu style.
Susumu Jo: Pottery

Oct. 5 - Oct. 24, 2018

o Susumu who makes pottery in Iga, Mie prefecture. Jo’s work has the reputation of being carefully made and easy to use. His iron painting motifs are inspired by the pattern of Malian fabric dyed with mud that he discovered twenty years ago in traveling over 50 countries. The vessel on the front of the invitation card is a bowl fired in a wood-fired kiln but it reminds a jar of the Middle East or Southeast Asia.
Tomoaki Nakano: Lacquerware

Sept. 14 - Oct. 3, 2018

Tomoaki Nakano, who works in Sabae, Fukui.His reputation as a skillful top coating lacquer craftsman is well known. He has learnt the beauty of his pieces finish in Sabae, famous place for lacqueware production. The light and rhythmic ware of Tomoaki Nakano are suitable for everyday use. By choosing the right wood with a careful coating, it’s made a robust wooden vessel.
Tomoya Arai: Woodworks

Aug. 24 - Sept. 12, 2018

Tomoya Arai, who mainly produces wooden tableware in Shimanto, Kochi Prefecture. Tableware that has chipped off roughly by a hatchet has two different aspects of nature, the threat of severely attacking nature and a wealth of nature's blessings. It seems his works carry the message of what is nature. Please visit us to have a look at his work.
Yoshimitsu Ishihara: Pottery

Aug. 3 - Aug. 22, 2018

After studying sculpture at Tama Art University and Kyoto City University of Arts master course, Yoshimitsu Ishihara returned to Fukuoka and started making ceramic. Whether it's a dish or an object, by a carefully made shape and a wood firing, the soft feeling of the clay is transmitted.
Hideki Yokoyama: Glassware

Jul. 13 - Aug. 1, 2018

Hideki Yokoyama produces hand-blown glass in Fukuoka. Hideki Yokoyama is the only one disciple of Shinzo Kodani, the founder of Kurashiki Glass.There is no thermometer in the kiln; it is in checking the state of the melted glass in the crucible that he decides the blowing start time. It is not an efficient work; therefore each piece is different from another.
Taizo Kuroda: Pottery

May. 11 - May. 30, 2018
Hanako Nakazato: Pottery

Mar. 30 - Apr. 18, 2018

Currently, Hanako Nakazato lives and makes works at her two studios in Japan, Karatsu and in the USA, State of Maine. During her stay in the USA, she discovered the uniqueness of Japanese food culture. She came back to Japan after graduating from the university and learned ceramics from Takashi Nakazato, who is his father.

Mar. 2 - Mar. 28, 2018

Rice bowls and soup bowls are essential for Japanese food.
It is said that more we use them, more these become charming and attachment intensify.
In this exhibition, we will introduce rice bowls and soup bowls from nine artists who are very active in the craft industry.
Please come to have a look at bowls made by different methods of production with various shapes, colors and textures.
Yoshitake Kihira: Woodworking

Feb. 9 - Feb. 28, 2018

Yoshitake Kihira is a woodworking artist in Toyota. His round plates are shaped with only chisels, planers, and sand paper without using a lathe, so there is softness different from machine-made.
Noriyuki Furutani: Pottery -Tenmoku-

Jan. 19 - Feb. 7, 2018

Noriyuki Furutani works in Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture. His father Michio Furutani was a well know potter in Iga and Shigaraki. During the art university period, Noriyuki Furutani discovered Tenmoku, he was attracted by this glaze and started to make it his lifework.

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