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2012 Exhibition

Lacquerware by Tadami Iwamoto

Nov. 7- 25, 2012

Iwamoto's works, which are made by himself all the work from the wooden base to the lacquer coating, mightn't seem lacquer ware at first sight. Our idea of a smooth and glossy texture of lacquerware is overthrown by his works, which have a matte and slightly uneven surface made without using a lathe.
Regardless of the style, Japanese, Western food will present well in his lacquerware.
Pottery by Yui Tsujimura

Oct.17 - Nov.4, 2012

Every day in his studio in the mountains of Nara, he faces the clay. The vessel made with the pottery wheel and fired in the Anagama kiln is covered with powerfully glittering glaze.
Yoshiyuki Shimizu: Sueki Ware Exhibition

Sep.26 - Oct.14, 2012

Yoshiyuki Shimizu has his studio in Dosenbo.
During Heian era, Sueki ware used to be fired at high temperature in an Anagama kiln. The vessel is not covered with glaze so we can see the clay as it is.
Susumu Jo: Ceramics for everyday use
Sep.12 - 23, 2012
Masako Ito: White things
Aug. 8 - 26, 2012

Crafts that adds joy and beauty to everyday life. In this exhibition, the stylist Masako Ito as a representative of the user will select "white utensils" which can integrate to our current lifestyle. We will also present pictures of dishes and comments from Masako ito when she used the vessel in her daily living.
Takashi Tomii: Wooden vessels
Jul.11 - 22, 2012

Takashi Tomii makes plain wood, lacquer, finish with bran or ash works.
Pottery by Makiko Iiyama

Jun.27 - Jul.8, 2012

The exhibition of Makiko Iiyama who makes pottery in Hachioji, Tokyo. We will exhibit “kohiki” made from plaster mold and semi-porcelain plates or bowls, vessel for everyday use and cooking.
Jun.13 - 24, 2012

Glass by Kiyokazu Tsuda

Glass works exhibition of Kiyokazu Tsuda who works and lives in Katsuragi city, Nara Prefecture. Besides delicate cut glasses and everyday use, experimental works combining glass and different materials such as metal foil, stone powder will be shown.
厚川文子 陶磁器展

会期 2012年5月30日[水] 〜 6月10日[日]

横山秀樹 硝子展

会期 2012年5月16日[水]〜  27日[日]
赤木明登 漆器 展

会期 2012年4月4日[水] 〜  4月15日[日]


会期 2012年3月7日[水] 〜  3月18日 [日]

黒釉徳利、南蛮徳利、各種盃、粉引飯碗、南蛮台皿 、南蛮鉢、花器、壷など多数の作品がご覧頂けます。
大谷哲也 陶磁器展

会期 2012年2月22日[水] 〜  3月4日[日]

洋皿、カッフ、片口鉢、ボウル、スープ皿、花器、時計 、台鉢、銅鑼鉢、土鍋など多数の作品がご覧頂けます。

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